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Birthday Cards

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Winter Warm Up Blog Hop

There is an awesome crop going on over at CardSwaps this week. Challenges and games will be posted February 8-11, 2012 and you have until February 14, 2012 to get your projects posted to the appropriate thread. If you haven't participated before, don't worry! There are many members will be around to offer support and encouragement. You can find out all you need to know in the forum. After the hop you will be taken to the crop and I do hope you join in. There is a prize on the line for blog hoppers and you don't want to miss out. You will be given details at the bottom of the post.
The blog hop "theme" goes with the crop title of "Winter Warm Up". The only requirement was that the completed item had to make you smile and bring some warm, fuzzy feelings to the cold, cold Winter months.
I think one of the most wonderful thing in our lives that makes us feel warm and happy is love. The Valentine's Day is coming soon, so I desided to make this "Thinking of You" card as a project for our Blog Hop.

The game for hoppers: you will be unscrambling a word once you will collect a letter at each blog you visit. The hostesses can play along, because they don't know any of the letters but their own. Once you collect ALL the letters, the last hostess in the blog hop will direct you to the thread in the forum where you can find all the details you need to enter the drawing. All hoppers collecting all the letters, unscrambling the word or phrase, entering the game by following the directions in the forum, and leaving feedback on EVERY blog they visit WILL be entered in to a random drawing held on February 15, 2012. ONE lucky hopper will have their name drawn and will win a prize!!! Make sure you visit every blog and find the letters.

My letter is C

The list of hoppers:

Angelina -- You are here.

The next stop on your hop today is Tina's blog!
Have fun!

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Birthday Cards

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